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colorful, bold graffiti style hand drawn concert poster by Elyza Pierson.  abstracted Beijing opera (jingju) mask face with the gig information woven into the drawing so they make up one psychedelic image. The Peoples, The Parameters, Missing Elements, and Daddy Green Jeans at Kung Fu Necktie on 3-14-2015 at 8 pm, $6
Thick as Thieves 2015 album cover by Elyza Pierson for The Parameters. Bright pink and blue neon sign encircled band name and title, toy cop car, tow truck, green car, and severed barbie leg wearing pink high heel on top of jewels guarded by blue dog with one orange eye and an emerald stone hanging from a yellow collar
abstract, surrealist, graffiti style painting by Elyza Pierson. small peppered cory fish inside a totem style fish with teeth under waves and circular buttons. a fishing line and hook hangs into the water from above. black and white lines intersect the image background horizontally among bright colors and a depth of receding blue dots. Title: Pull
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